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Ordinary Cabinet Light
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Ordinary cabinet lights are designed for both lighting and decorative purposes. These exquisite lamps are made from oxidized aluminum alloy using a precision CNC lathe. The white light is an ideal new light source for home and commercial lighting, capable of replacing traditional light sources.


Under cabinet lighting offer several advantages:


1.Under cabinet Led lighting are energy-saving. The service life of LED cabinet lights can exceed 100,000 hours.


2.Ordinary Led cabinet light bar can operate at high speeds without degrading like energy-saving lamps, whose filaments can turn black and break down quickly.


3.Ordinary LED cabinet lights are solid-state packages and belong to the cold light source type.


4.LED cabinet lights are environmentally friendly and contain no harmful substances such as mercury.

As a professional decorative LED tape  manufacturer, Senseled provides OEM & ODM service. All products are designed using the latest technology.
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