We are a professional manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting products, providing LED strip lights, line lights, panel lights, downlights, cabinet lights, ambient lights, etc.

SENSELED-Indoor & Outdoor Decorative LED tape Manufacturer Since 2008.

Drop shipping

SENSELED offers dropshipping to their registered customers at no extra charge. This service allows you to create a specialized online store stocked with an extensive range of products. Choosing dropshipping from SENSELED means you don't have to maintain costly inventories or handle complex programming, as that is all done for you. SENSELED takes care of all your day-to-day business processes, leaving you plenty of time to focus on sales and, most importantly, making money from your customers.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Now you are ready to begin the process of owning your own Internet business. Simply complete the following three steps:

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Dropshipping with Senseled enables you to be your own boss with your own Internet company in a matter of hours. We provide everything you need to run a profitable Internet business. Our customers enjoy software, supplier access, credit card processing, hosting, and a full online training center with videos that teach you about the industry and how everything works.
To prevent any fraudulent activity, we always double-check account details, especially if the shipping address is different from the billing address. If you are a new dropshipping customer, please make sure that your PayPal account is verified.
We don't include Senseled materials or invoices within the packages sent to your customers to protect your reputation as a vendor. To safeguard the true source of the goods and the price you paid for them, Senseled employs various methods to ensure continuous customer loyalty.
If your customers experience any technical difficulties or want to return goods purchased, they must first contact you, as you are the only vendor of their purchased goods.
Please note that any incurred import taxes must be paid to the courier upon delivery of the goods. Therefore, when using dropshipping, your customers will be expected to pay these taxes.
Please note that it is your responsibility as the dropship vendor to be knowledgeable about all taxes and inform your customers in advance. Senseled takes no responsibility for providing tax information relevant to your country, although we will do whatever we can to help you minimize the tax burden if you have special packing/declaration instructions.

How Dropshipping Works
The dropshipper ships the item to your customer without the customer knowing it is dropshipped. The customer goes to your website and places an order. You then place the same order with the dropshipper and keep the profits.
The customer pays you for the order.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to our customer service team.
As a professional decorative LED tape  manufacturer, Senseled provides OEM & ODM service. All products are designed using the latest technology.
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