We are a professional manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting products, providing LED strip lights, line lights, panel lights, downlights, cabinet lights, ambient lights, etc.

SENSELED-Indoor & Outdoor Decorative LED tape Manufacturer Since 2008.


OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and ODM (original design manufacturer) products offer excellent opportunities to buy high-quality goods that fewer competitors stock. You can customize these products and sell them to your customers, making them unique. Both OEM and ODM are forms of outsourcing, and you can work with both types.


We can modify certain products to meet your design specifications. If you find an unbranded product you like, we can customize it to make it your own. 

Our pre-designed OEM products are ideal for those looking to make minor alterations, saving a lot of time. For larger clients with specific product and design needs, our ODM services can fully meet their requirements.

 To take full advantage of these services, please provide as much information as possible to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. When briefing us for OEM and ODM services, consider the following parameters:

  • Packaging
  • Hardware specifications
  • Software/firmware specifications
  • Logo design imprinting
  • User guides
  • Printed materials

You can also request samples for pre-designed OEM products. Simply let us know the model number of the product you are interested in and provide instructions regarding modifications.

Setting up your own online store doesn't mean you have to sell other people’s products. Use this complete service from Senseled.com to help put your brand on the map.

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As a professional decorative LED tape  manufacturer, Senseled provides OEM & ODM service. All products are designed using the latest technology.
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